Friday, September 15, 2006

SILK: LILITH Wall Hanging 45" x 45" [SOLD]

Lilith was the very first silk painting I ever created. She is depicted here with the serpent and the world tree with the rising sun behind her. This image was inspired by a story I'd been told of the Goddess Lilith who was Adam's first wife: Lilith loved to create and brought into this world many lovely and beautiful things. She breathed life into magic, the energy to change and create. Lilith was strong and independent and Adam became resentful when she did not submit to his domination. Eventually, Lilith left Adam and went off on her own, creating more beautiful new things wherever she went. Angered that she left, Adam went to his God and demanded that Lilith be punished. Vengeful angels were sent to destroy everything Lilith had created. But Lilith persevered and continued to live with joy and beauty, knowing that she could always use her gift of magic to create anew.

©2003 Joan Medina - All copyrights reserved. Any reproduction of this work, in part or in whole, by any means now known or hereafter invented, including photographic, electronic, or mechanical, is forbidden without written permission of the Artist.


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