Wednesday, October 02, 2013


It's been awhile since I have had time or space to paint. I miss it. Lately, I've been dreaming about painting so it must be a sign to start up again.

Silk painting takes up quite a bit of room, at least it does the way I do it. I set up a six foot long table with lots of space all around to maneuver. The stretching frames for a 45x45 inch piece of silk are over five feet wide and long. Then there's the space to hang the silks, stores the dyes, guttas, brushes, frames, and store any pieces in process.

We've been busy with other projects these past five years as well, including a prison ministry, co-sponsoring a youth group, getting involved in the local activism, hosting a community garden, and starting a downtown homeless outreach program, to name a few. But the Wheel of the Year is turning toward the dark and I'm hoping that soon I will have time to make a studio place for myself again upstairs. That I'll be able to unbury the stretching frames and jars of dye and start painting again later this winter. In the past I've been inspired by goddess chant, sacred pilgrimage, the sacred elements, and stories of sacred trees. Now I have to find a new inspiration to spark the creative flow. Until then, I hope you enjoy the images you find here. Blessed be.

PS: A note about copyright... please do not use these images without my permission and especially without crediting me as the artist. I am fairly generous with my permission, as long you're not using my images for inappropriate reasons. It's been my pleasure to grant permission for my artwork to be used in ADO (Avalon Druid Order) publications, for a conference invitation with the non-profit Avalon Sexual Assault Centre in Newfoundland, in a Bellevue High School student's research paper and presentation, and as a part of a Jimi Hendrix tribute tattoo sleeve, among other projects. My email address is: