Friday, December 01, 2006


Brigid, also known as Brigit, Brigantia, and Brid is one of the most beloved Goddesses in the U.K. The locals in Glastonbury affectionately refer to her as "Bridey" and there are many sacred sites in and around the town that are dedicated in her name. The patron Goddess of smiths, healers, and poets, Brigid is associated with both fire and water. Many holy wells are dedicated to her and a carefully tended flame burns eternally at her temple in Kildarre, Ireland.

This piece is silk charmeuse fabric, handpainted with silk dyes and gutta, approximately 35x35 inches, stretched and tacked to a pinewood frame. On display during the month of Dec 2006 at The Artist Tree - 828 W Sprague Ave in downtown Spokane, WA

©2006 Joan Medina - All copyrights reserved. Any reproduction of this work, in part or in whole, by any means now known or hereafter invented, including photographic, electronic, or mechanical, is forbidden without written permission of the Artist.


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